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On-Campus Access

Important: Due to the current safety measures in place because of Covid-19, some on-campus resources will be unavailable until further notice. This includes all public computing labs. For more information on what resources are available, please visit this information page. – Just a test to see if we can use ME to distribute notifications like this across KB.

MultiExcerptNameDuo Intro

Swarthmore uses Duo two-factor authentication to help you keep your Swarthmore account secure. This kind of authentication requires something you know (like your account username and password) coupled with something you have (a device registered with the service such as your cell phone). Requiring interaction with a device you have with you ensures that only you are able to access your account, even if your password were to be compromised. For more information about Duo please visit our Getting Started with Duo page. The first time you log into your Swarthmore account you will be prompted to register a device for Duo. For step-by-step instructions on how the registration process works, plus helpful tips for different device types please visit our page on adding and managing devices in Duo.

It is highly recommended that you register more than one device with Duo to make sure you never have an issue logging into your account. 

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I am testing this excerpt option. Is it built in or another app?