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  • Log into RStudio Sever
  • Tools → Global Options → Git/SVN
  • Create RSA Key (or View public key, if you have previously completed this step)
  • Copy the public key text
  • Log into Swarthmore's GitHub Enterprise system:
  • Click on your avatar (top right of screen)  Settings  SSH User Settings SSH and GPG Keys
  • Add SSH Key
  • Give the key a title (e.g. "RStudio") and paste the public key into the Key section, then save.


titleReplace the text in bold with your information

git config --global ""
git config --global "my name"


Setting up a new RStudio Project with Git


Thanks to Ewen Harrison for the "RStudio and GitHub" blog post on R-bloggers: for providing a good summary of how to use RStudio with GitHub.