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Each department, faculty, and/or research lab site has a navigation menu located on the right column of the screen. The items in this navigation typically link to sub pages within the site, but may also link to external pages and/or documents like PDFs.

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you've logged in to Drupal.

  2. Navigate to a site that you have permission to edit.

  3. From here there are two ways to begin managing the site navigation:

    1. From the upper toolbar, click on the name of the site (in yellow) and choose the Manage site navigation from the dropdown

    2. Click the gear icon in the upper right of the navigation itself, choosing Manage navigation

  4. Either method will result in a new screen of options related to the navigation. From this point you can Add Navigation Links or Arrange Existing Links.

  1. Follow the previous Getting Started instructions to open the Manage Navigation options.

  2. Click on the + Add Link  button (located in the upper-left of the window).

  3. Provide a Path for the new navigation link using one of the methods below:

    1. Link to a page within

    2. Link to an external site

    3. Link to Documents

    4. Link to course sections of Acalog (Course Catalog)

  4. Provide a Menu link title. This is the text that will be used for the navigation item.

  5. Provide a Description. This is assistive text that appears beside the cursor when hovering over the link.

  6. Optionally, if your navigation item:

    1. Should be temporarily hidden from the public, uncheck the Enabled setting

    2. Will have sub-items AND you wish to always show the sub-items, check the box beside Show as expanded. Otherwise, leave this field unchecked

    3. Is intended to be a sub-item of an existing navigation item, select its Parent Link

    4. Needs to appear in a specific position in the navigation, set the Weight of the navigation item to set its position (this can be adjusted later)

  7. Scroll to the bottom and click the green Save button.

  1. Click within the Path field.

  2. A list of all pages within the current site will appear. You have the following options for your next step:

    • Click on one of the listed pages to select it.

    • Begin typing the title of a Drupal page to easily select from suggested content.

  • Paste the entire URL in the Path field

  • Use the blue Link to a document button to launch the file browser and upload or select a previously updated document.

If you need a link to the general course catalog page for your department, it can be found at Otherwise, you may wish to link directly to a specific section of your catalog entry. To do so you'll need to follow the instructions below in order to build a direct link to the section.

  1. Visit your department's course page in Acalog (Course Catalog).

  2. Copy the URL and paste into a text editor of your choice. It should look like the following example:

  3. Append a '#' symbol to the end of the URL. It should now look like the following example:

  4. Identify the section you'd like to link to (Course Major, Course Minor, Honors Major, etc.). 

  5. Copy the section title and append it to the end of the URL with the following alterations:

    1. Remove spaces and symbols (such as / or  -  or , ) between words.

    2. Each word in the title should begin with an uppercase letter. Example:
      Original section title: Honors in Studio Art 
      Altered section title: HonorsInStudioArt

  6. At this point the URL should look similar to the following example:

  1. Follow the previous Getting Started instructions to open the Manage Navigation options.

  2. Verify that you're on the List Items tab. You should see a list view of everything currently in the navigation.

  3. Hover over the cursor-move icon to the left of a navigation item.

  4. Click and drag to move the item to its new location.
    Note: You will know you have successfully grabbed the link when the background turns a pale yellow.

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