Edit Existing Panes


In Swarthmore's Drupal implementation, each "block" of content is referred to as a Pane. While logged into the system it's possible to skip a lot of the administrative navigation by visiting your site and beginning the edit process from the "front-end".

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you've logged in to Drupal.

  2. Navigate to the page you intend to update.

  3. Identify the content block or Pane to be updated by hovering over it.

  4. If the content is editable, a grey Gear Icon should appear in the upper right corner of the Pane.

Editing the Pane

  1. Click on the Gear Icon to reveal additional options. In most cases you will choose the Edit option as pictured below.

  2. Each Pane's edit screen will provide a different set of options.

    Screenshot of the edit pane button
    Screenshot of the edit pane button

Available Panes

Note: Editing and creating each type of Pane is covered in Advanced Drupal Workshops.


  • Abstract

  • Image

  • "View More" link

  • Abstract

  • Image

  • List of links

  • "View More" link

Randomize On Load 

  • Group of other panes (such as Features or Link Lists)

  • A different pane from the group is shown on each page reload

Swarthmore Audio/Video 

  • Select video and audio files to embed within a site

  • Despite the name, YouTube video is also allowed


  • A grouping of two or more panes "mashed" together.  

  • Example: a Link List mashed with a Train Schedule

News Feed

  • Displays news stories based on set taxonomy/categories

Event Calendar Feed

  • Displays events from the campus calendar based on set taxonomy/categories

Slide Show

  • Images slides with captions

  • "View more" links

  • Can be manually or auto advanced  

  • Can be displayed as a gallery

Story Slideshow

  • Image slides with captions

    • Optional audio & video embedded within slides

    • "View more" links

People List

  • A listing of faculty and/or staff and generally displayed on a department faculty/staff page

Contact & Social Media

  • Standardized department contact information

  • Not available for editing without advance training

External API

  • Include external content such as Twitter, RSS, or Flickr feeds


Train Schedule

  • The Septa schedule of trains (not currently automated, but sourced from Septa)

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