Call to Action Pane

The Call to Action (CTA) pane inserts a bit of lead text and accompanying button that is designed to capture the user’s attention and drive traffic to another part of the site. The Call to Action pane can be inserted in any of the main panels (i.e., Advanced Page Content, Additional Content, etc.), as well as the main body of the Page Content panel using the Body Copy Editor

  1. Under the YOUR SITE - Site Administration dropdown, hover over Add new pane and select Call to Action to create a new pane.

    1. Alternatively, you can navigate to the page on which you would like to add the new pane, click Arrange Panes in the page editor tabs, and then select Add Content after clicking the gear icon within the panel region you’re interested in the panel appearing. Please note that this pane is designed mainly for the primary panels, not special areas like Page Header and Navigation & Contact. 

  2. Provide a Title for the pane. Note: This is used for internal purposes only and is not displayed to visitors.

  3. Enter the CTA Lead Text for your call to action (limited to 115 characters). This message should lead users to click the accompanying button (if using a design that contains both the lead text and the button).  

  4. Add a CTA Link that links to some other part of your site. You can search for the internal link by typing in the title of your page in the URL field, though you will want to update the automatically generated text in the Link text field.

  5. Select the CTA Style for your pane. There are three options: Double Border, Minimal, and Big Button. See screenshots of options below. Note: "Big Button" will only display the CTA Link field; the teaser will not be displayed.

  6. Click Save to create your new pane.

  7. To place the newly created pane on your page:

    1. Click Arrange Panes.

    2. Click the little gray gear icon in the upper left-hand corner of the desired panel region of your page, and then click Add content.

    3. Find and click on your newly created pane under Existing Site Panes > Call to Actions Panes. You can now arrange the order of your panes by dragging and dropping the item. 

    4. Click Save to save a draft of your page. You can set the Moderation state to Published if you would like to publish the pane to your page. 

Examples of the available CTA Styles

  1. Double Border (lead + button)

    Double border style
  2. Minimal (lead + button)

    Minimal style
  3. Big Button (button)

    Big button

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