Allow Students to Record and Upload Videos Using Panopto Assignment Folders

A Panopto Assignment Folder (referred to as 'Drop Box' in a previous version) is a subfolder that shares its user list with its parent folder but gives the users some additional privileges. Assignment Folders enable Viewer users in their parent folder to create and manage their own content while preventing them from viewing other users' content that has not been explicitly shared or made public.

Please Note

In order to create a Panopto Assignments folder, you must have "Creator" role access. Prior to creating this folder, you must add the Panopto Block to your Moodle course.

Panopto Assignment Folders

To give students access to a Panopto Assignment Folder, you first need to set up the Panopto Block in your Moodle course. This will give the students access to the top-level folder course folder. To set up the Panopto Block follow the directions below.

Setup Panopto Block and Provision Course

To set up Panopto for a course:

  • Go to your Moodle course and turn editing on.

  • Add the Panopto block.  Refer to the instructions for adding a block.

  • The page will refresh and the Panopto block will appear in the right-hand column

  • Click on "Provision Course" within the Panopto block.  This will create a course folder within Panopto. 

  • Look for a message indicating that the provisioning process succeeded.  Then click the link to return the course main page.

Your course is now set up to accept Panopto recordings. 

Create the Assignment Folder

  1. Go to find your Panopto course folder. The name of the folder should match the name of your Moodle course page.

  2. Select the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner to open your course folder's "Settings" menu and click the "Overview" tab.

  3. On the Overview screen, click on the button labeled "Create Assignment Folder."

  4. Within the top-level Panopto course folder, you will see a subfolder labeled the same as the top-level folder's name with the word "[assignments]" added at the end.

  5. Now your students will be able to add content to the newly created "[assignments]" folder.

Now anytime your students go to and click on your Panopto course folder, they'll see the assignments sub-folder where they can record, edit, and upload audio or video.

Allow Students to See Each Other's Videos

By default, students will not be able to see each other's videos in the assignments folder, unless that permission is changed in the settings. To allow students to see each other's videos

  1. Open the "Settingsmenu for the "Assignmentsfolder and navigate to the "Settings" tab. 

  2. Select the checkbox next to "Allow viewers to see each other's sessions".

In order for your students to easily find your Panopto course folder, you can add a link to the folder in Moodle.

  1. Within Panopto, select your course folder and click on the share icon in the top right-hand corner.

  2. This will bring you to the "Share" tab of the folder settings.

  3. Copy the link to the Panopto course folder.

  4. Go back to your Moodle course page and turn editing on.

  5. Click add the "activity or resource" button

  6. Select "URL resource"

  7. Type in the name of the Panopto folder and paste the link in the text box.

  8. Let your students know to click this link and to look for the assignment sub-folder to upload their videos.

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