LastPass for Faculty and Staff

This guide will walk you through the setup process for LastPass. If you have any questions you can reach out to ITS via the support portal at or via email at 

Requesting a LastPass account

Request a LastPass account through ITS via the support portal or via email. Once requested, you will receive an email invitation to join LastPass with the subject "LastPass account created" and sent from the email "". Please be sure to check your Spam folder if you do not see your invitation email.

Setting up your LastPass account

  1. Click on the setup link in the invitation email you received.

  2. Use your full Swarthmore email address to set up your account.

  3. Create a unique and strong Master Password.

  4. You will be asked to set up Duo - use your Swarthmore username - do NOT add “”.

    1. It may take a few minutes for your Duo account to be fully linked to LastPass.

  5. Once complete, you will be taken to your Vault.

  6. Now you can install the extension for your browser and start adding passwords.

Master Passwords

Make sure you choose a Master Password that is not the same as any other password for any of your accounts. This should be completely unique and as strong as possible - just make sure you can remember it!

Installing the browser extensions

LastPass is built to be used as an extension of your browser, allowing you to save, update, and auto-fill passwords as you browse. Some functions require that you have logged into a browser extension at least once. It is best practice to have the extensions/plug-ins installed and logged into on all of the browsers you use regularly.

Download and install the LastPass extension

Adding passwords to LastPass

Once you are logged into the extension for your browser, LastPass will prompt you with suggestions when you navigate to login pages. You can dismiss the prompt and still choose to add those accounts later, either via the prompts at login or via your LastPass vault.

Adding passwords with the prompt

When you enter username and password information for a site, LastPass will ask you via a pop-up prompt if you want to save that information to your vault. Simply click “Okay” on the prompt to save it. The next time you go to that same login page the information will either auto-fill for you or the LastPass icon will be in the login fields, indicating that you have information you can auto-fill for that site.

Adding passwords to your vault

You can access your vault at any time by clicking on the LastPass extension icon at the top-right of your browser window and choosing "Open My Vault" - it will open in a new tab. At the bottom-right of your vault click on the red circle with the plus symbol to choose "add item". Select what you would like to add.

To add a password you will be asked for:

  • A name - something to identify the account in your vault

  • The URL for the login page (can be added later)

  • Your username for that account

  • Your password for that account

Adding SSH keys to your vault

  1. Click on SSH Keys

  2. Click on the Add Item button

  3. Save your SSH key as an attachment.

SSH Keys

Saving your SSH key in the Private Key form field may result in LastPass adding blank lines to your key. Therefore, it is recommended to save the key as an attachment.

Ways you can contact ITS or find information:

ITS Support Portal:
Phone: x4357 (HELP) or 610-328-8513
Check out our remote resources at
Check our homepage at