Events Calendar Feed Pane

General Settings

The Events Calendar Feed pane type is a convenient way to insert a dynamically updated feed of your department or group's upcoming events. 

  1. Under the Your Site - Site Administration dropdown, hover over Add new pane and select Events Calendar Feed to create a new pane.
  2. Provide a Title for your feed

    Title field required

    The Title field is required.

  3. Select the calendar that will provide events information for your feed. To see what events are currently populating the calendars listed below, visit and toggle the checkboxes under Calendars.
    1. Calendar
      1. All Swarthmore College Events: combined feed for the calendars described below.
      2. Academic Calendar: milestones, deadlines, and events related to the academic calendar.
      3. Arts and Culture: events related to arts and culture.
      4. Athletics and Club Eventssporting and club events taking place at the College.
      5. Holidays and Religious Observances: general calendar featuring all holidays and religious observances.
    2. Organizations
      1. To refine the selected calendar based on a department, administrative unit, or other group, select the relevant option from this dropdown.
      2. You can select multiple options by holding down the shift key and pressing the up or down arrows on your keyboard.
  4. Specify the Dates for your events feed. You can do this by selecting a generic Date Range or a specific range under Exact Dates. Select the Event Sort Order to specify the order in which the events will appear in your feed.
  5. Specify a few Display options to configure your feed.
    1. Number of events to display: the default value is five; it's recommended not to stray too far from this number, unless the events feed is contained on a page specifically devoted to displaying the events feed.
    2. No events message: you can override the default message that's displayed if the feed doesn't have any events to show.
    3. Event Grouping: if an event in the feed is part of a series, this option will dictate whether all events in the series or just the first are displayed.
  6. Optionally, add a Call to Action Link to appear at the end of your calendar events feed (e.g., "View all Swarthmore events").
  7. Save your pane type and place it on your page.

Advanced Settings (Admin-only)

There are two settings within the Events Calendar Feed pane that are only visible to Drupal administrators. If you would like to have these settings adjusted on your pane, but do not have access, please contact with additional details about your request.

  1. The Lead event panel allows the Events Calendar Feed to display a custom event at the top of the feed content. It contains the following has a few options. 
    1. None / No leading eventthe next upcoming event in your feed appears at the top (the default behavior for this pane type).
    2. Single, manually entered event: manually type in the event's title, date, location, image, and url.
    3. Single event from Swat Central event feed: by selecting a particular organization and calendar, the next upcoming event from that calendar will appear at the top of your feed.
  2. The Display panel contains the admin-only option, Events layout, which contains the following options.
    1. List: the default layout, events will appear as entries in a vertical list.
    2. Horizontal: events will appear horizontally.

Screenshot Examples

Screenshot of Events Calendar Feed pane type with list layout selected.

Example Drupal events calendar feed pane type, showing the date on the left, an image chosen to represent the first upcoming event in the middle, and the details of the event including title, location, and time, on the right. Below this are subsequent events.

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