Leaving Swarthmore: Saving your Files, Calendar, and Email

Instructions for saving your Swarthmore Google Workspace data when leaving the college.  

Note:  The methods described below are best completed using a laptop or desktop. They can be completed on a mobile device but the process is more cumbersome.

Make sure your department has access to your Google Drive files

If you have documents that need to be shared with your department after your leave, copy or move them to your departmental folder in Google Drive. These files will be available to your colleagues even after your Swarthmore account is deleted. See Google Shared Drives for more information.

Save your Gmail and Google Drive files

Saving a Google Calendar

To migrate your main calendar, follow these simple steps:

  1. go into your Google Calendar settings 

  2. Find the Calendars tab.

  3. Within the Calendars area is an option to Export Calendars to your hard drive in iCal format.

  4. Export them to your drive and unzip them if necessary.

Importing to your personal account

  1. Go to your external Google account

    1. it's easiest to have each account logged into Google in a separate browser

  2. go to Settings > Calendar Settings > Calendars and create a new one.

    1. Name it whatever you like, click Create Calendar

  3. Use the import button at the bottom of the page.

    1. Choose the .ical file corresponding to your main calendar and upload it,

    2. choosing the empty Google Calendar you just created as its destination. You'll see that it shows up in calendar view.

Ways you can contact ITS or find information:

ITS Support Portal: https://support.swarthmore.edu
Email: support@swarthmore.edu
Phone: x4357 (HELP) or 610-328-8513
Check out our remote resources at https://swatkb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/remote/overview
Check our homepage at https://swarthmore.edu/its