Moodle Calendar

Moodle has a calendar that shows  events and deadlines.  Professors can display a calendar in their course and students can display a calendar on their Moodle home page that shows all their courses' events.  

Every course event with a deadline shows up in the Moodle Calendar.  For example, if a professor creates an assignment with a due date, the due date will show up in the calendar.  It is possible to sync the Moodle Calendar with a Google Calendar and more easily keep track of assignments.

Display a Moodle Calendar in a Course

Instructors can add a Calendar block to their Moodle course:

  1. Turn editing on

  2. Click on "Add a block" at the bottom of the left menu

  3. Select Calendar

The calendar will show up on right hand side of the Moodle course page.  Everyone in the course will see the calendar.  Any dates, such as for assignments and quizzes will show up as events.

Add a Moodle Calendar to the Moodle Dashboard

Anyone can add a calendar to their Moodle Dashboard (home page):

  1. Log into Moodle

  2. Click on "Customize this page"

  3. Click on "Add a block" at the bottom of the left menu

  4. Select Calendar

Connect Your Moodle Calendar to Google Calendar

Make sure you can see a calendar in Moodle - either through a course or on the Dashboard (see instructions above).  Log into Moodle and Google Calendar in two browser windows.

  1. Click on the name of the month in the Moodle calendar.  You should then see a larger view of the calendar.

  2. Click "Export calendar"

  3. Choose which events you want to sync (usually "All events")

  4. Select a time period (usually custom range)

  5. Click "Get calendar URL" and copy the Calendar URL generated

  6. Go to the Google Calendar window

  7. On the left sidebar, in the "Other calendars" section, click the button next to "Add calendar" and select "From URL"

  8. Paste in the URL from Moodle and add the calendar

  9. The Moodle calendar should show up in your list of other calendars.  Click on it to adjust the name and other settings

Other Notes

It can take up to a day for changes in the Moodle Calendar to be updated in the Google Calendar view.  This is a Google limitation.  

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