Download a Student File From Assignment Activity

Moodle assignments allow instructors to create assignments for students to submit their work.  Teachers can then download the student assignment files for grading.  

Download selected assignment submissions

  1. Click on the Moodle assignment

  2. Click View All Submissions

  3. Select the student submission(s) using the check boxes to the left of the students' names.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the With selected... dropdown menu

  5. Select Download Selected Submissions

Download all assignment submissions at once

  1. Click on the Moodle assignment

  2. Click View All Submissions

  3. At the top of the page, click the Grading action dropdown menu

  4. Select Download All Submissions

The student files will be downloaded as a .zip file.   Unzip the file to see a folder containing the student submissions.

Additional Notes

By default, Moodle will create a folder for each student and put their file(s) inside the folder.  If students are only submitting a single file, the additional folders can be cumbersome.  Most instructors will want to uncheck Download submissions in folders at the very bottom of the "View all Submissions" page:

When downloading without folders, the name of the student files are modified to include the student's name to ensure each file has a unique title.  

If the assignment requires multiple file submissions by each student or a specific filename, check that Download submissions in folders box.  

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