Email Headers

If you are requested by ITS to provide a copy of an email with "headers displayed," please refer to the section below that corresponds to how you read your email.

To extract email headers from Gmail:

  1. Open the email message.
  2. Click the three vertical dots adjacent to the Reply link in the upper-right corner of the email message.
  3. Click Show Original.
  4. Copy and paste the information from the new window into an email.

To extract email headers from Thunderbird:

  1. Double-click the message to open it in a separate window.
  2. From the View menu, select Headers > All.
  3. Click the Forward button to forward the email.
  4. (You can then go back to the View menu and select Headers > Normal.

To extract email headers from Apple Mail:

  1. Select the email in the Inbox.
  2. Open the View menu, select Message > Raw Source.
  3. Copy the resulting text.
  4. Paste the text into an email.

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