Subscribing to Google Calendars

Adding Calendars

In Google Calendar you are able to "subscribe" to calendars, which means you can add other calendars to view and have changes made to those calendars automatically update for you. Below is how you add a new calendar subscription:

  1. In the left-hand navigation find the section called Other calendars - located underneath the My calendars section

  2. Click the plus + icon next to Other Calendars

  3. You are presented with 6 options to choose from

The section below describes each of the 6 options and how to set them up.

Different subscription options

Subscribe to Calendar

This option requires an email address to be entered. If an individual allows you to see their calendar by default, you can enter their email here to add their calendar to your list for quick reference.

Create new calendar

Create a new sub-calendar that you own. You may want to do this if you want to share a schedule of events with a group without giving others access to your personal calendar.

Browse resources

We can create shared calendars for departments or groups that are owned and managed by Swarthmore instead of an individual. This protects group calendars from getting deleted if the individual who created/owns it leaves the college. This list will only include shared calendars you already have permission to view, not all shared calendars that exist. You can request a shared calendar through our Service Catalog (requires login).

Browse calendars of interest

Google Calendar has a pre-made list of calendars that you can subscribe to. They mostly consist of religious and regional holidays and popular sports schedules. Just check the box next to all of the calendars you want to add.

From URL

Some calendars have a URL (or link) available that you can use to view and reference it, such as iCal format calendars. If a calendar you would like to follow offers an iCal subscription link, enter it here to add the calendar. Any updates made will reflect on your calendar.


You can import a calendar file into Google Calendar. You can choose to add these events to any calendar you can edit that already exists. The only two supported file formats are iCal and CSV at this time. Any updates made to a calendar after a calendar file is created and imported with NOT be reflected on your calendar.

Subscribing to the Swarthmore academic calendar

Swarthmore has a calendar with all of the important academic dates, such as when residence halls open, start and end of semesters, and important due dates for students.

  1. Click the plus + icon to add a calendar

  2. Choose the From URL option

  3. Copy and paste in this URL: webcal://

  4. Click Add calendar

The academic calendar will be added under your Other calendars section. You can now change the color to whatever you'd like and hide or unhide it as needed.

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