Why category totals may not show up in the gradebook

If you have set up your gradebook and started to enter grades, but notice the category totals aren't showing up, the problem could be the Drop the lowest grade setting.  If you are dropping an equal or greater number of items than you have actually entered in the grade book, the category total won't show up.  For example, if you set up a homework category in which the two lowest homework grades are dropped, the category total won't show up until you have entered at least three homework grades for a student.  

To fix:

  1. Go to the main page of the course

  2. Click on Grades (left menu) Setup tab --> Gradebook setup sub-tab

  3. Click the Edit link for the category total that isn't showing up, then click on Edit Settings

  4. Under Grade Category click on Show More ... and look for the Drop the lowest setting

To fix the problem, set the "Drop the lowest" setting to zero until you have more grades or tell your students that the category total will appear after more assignments are graded.

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