Import Grades into Moodle

If you use a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Google Sheets to keep track of your course grades, it is possible to import grades from the spreadsheet  into Moodle.  This might be handy if you want to use Moodle to allow students to see their grades, but want to do the actual grading outside of Moodle.


To facilitate the process, it is best to first export the gradebook from Moodle as an Excel or CSV file.  This export will include student names, emails, and id numbers.  This information will be used to make sure the grades in your spreadsheet are properly imported into Moodle.

Use the file downloaded from Moodle as a template.  Add new columns for your new grade items and enter the grades in the file.

To import your grades into Moodle:

  • Export your spreadsheet as a CSV file

  • Go to the Moodle course gradebook → Import tab→ CSV File tab

  • Select and upload your grade file.  

You will then need to "map" each column in the spreadsheet you are uploading.  

  • Use the student id number field to match up with the useridnumber field in Moodle.  This will make sure that the grades in your spreadsheet are matched with the correct student in Moodle.

  • Since we are using id number to match the student information, you can ignore student name and email information.

  • For each grade column in the spreadsheet, you can select whether you want to create a new grade item, match to an existing Moodle grade item, or ignore.  

For each new grade columns you want to import, select the option to create a new grade item.  If you are importing grades but have already created a Moodle grade item for that activity, match the new grade item to the existing activity.  If you have extra columns in your spreadsheet that you don't want to import, select the ignore option.  

More information can be found on Moodle's Grade Import help page.

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