Allow students to view questionnaire results


The Moodle questionnaire has a setting that controls whether students can view the results of questionnaires.  Because many faculty use the Moodle questionnaire activity for course evaluations, this has the potential to cause privacy issues.  As a result, we have set a system-wide setting to prevent students from ever viewing all responses to a questionnaire. Because this setting is in place, students can never view all responses to a survey even if permitted in the questionnaire settings. If you do want students to view all responses to a survey, it is possible to change this setting for an individual survey. 

You can always contact ITS at with the name of your course and questionnaire and our Moodle support staff will make the appropriate permission changes. If you'd like to make the changes yourself, the directions are below.

Adjusting Permissions to Allow students to view Questionnaire Results

From your course page, click on the questionnaire → More → Permissions 

Find the permission for Read response summaries, subject to open times and click on the + symbol below the list of roles.  The next screen will allow you to Allow role to view questionnaire results. Add the Registered Student role.  Repeat for Student.   

Students will now be able to view the questionnaire results in accordance with the settings in the Questionnaire settings under the Response Options → Students can view ALL responses setting. 

Ways you can contact ITS or find information:

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