Print Release FAQ

Canon printers on campus are being converted to support OneCard print release. When a print job is sent to a printer with a print release station, the user who sent the job needs to swipe their OneCard, digital OneCard, or manually enter their Swarthmore credentials at the printer to release their document. Documents can be changed from color to greyscale or from single-sided to two-sided at the release station if desired. The release step adds additional privacy and security to print jobs, and will also help to reduce resource waste by reducing the number of unclaimed documents and unwanted color print jobs.

Sending your Print Jobs

Send your job to the printer as you normally would. Print jobs will stay in the print queue for one hour or until they are released at the printer. If your job expires from the queue before you get a chance to retrieve it, it can be sent to the printer a second time.

Logging In at the Printer

When you visit the printer to retrieve your document(s), swipe your Swarthmore OneCard ID or cell phone (see Digital OneCard) at the card reader on the printer. You can also type your username and password on the touch screen to login, but swipe release is the simplest method.


Releasing Jobs

Once logged in, you will see a list of your print jobs on the touch screen. You can release them with a single button, or if you would like to override the document settings and change a color job to greyscale or single-sided job to double-sided, those options are available as checkboxes. You can also cancel a job if it was accidentally sent at the touch screen.

Using Copy or Scan features

Copy and scan features at the printer also require a login. Swipe your OneCard and then choose “Access Device”. The standard copy and scan to email options are available.

Digital OneCard on your Cell Phone

You can use your cell phone instead of your OneCard to release print jobs and open electronic door locks on campus.

Here is a link to instructions for configuring your OneCard in your cell phone wallet as a digital OneCard:  .    

Scroll down to either the Apple or Android device sections, and "How do I.." walks through the steps for each device type. Once configured, hold your phone up to the card reader to log in.

Cell Phone with Digital OneCard

Sending Print Jobs from Personal Devices

This step is not necessary if printing from a College-provided computer.

Because print release recognizes jobs sent with your Swarthmore credentials, personal laptops will need additional software to prompt for your credentials when you send a print job to a printer with a release station.

PaperCut Client for macOS

PaperCut Client for Windows

Unzip the folder and double-click “client-local-install” to install the client.

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