Add Padlet to a Moodle Course

Padlet is a website that makes it easy to create an online bulletin board for instructors and students to share text and pictures in a variety of formats. 

Instructors can create a Padlet at and then share a link to the Padlet within Moodle to give all enrolled students access.

After creating the Padlet, follow the instructions below to add the Padlet link to Moodle:

  • Within Padlet, click on Share (top right) and select Add to your LMS as an external tool

  • Copy the content of the Custom parameters section that starts "public_key=" by clicking the pink Copy button

  • In Moodle, add a new External Tool activity, give it a name (e.g. "Padlet"), and select Padlet from the list of Pre-configured tools.

  • Click on the Show More link in the General section of the External Tool setup, and scroll down to the Custom Parameters box.

  • Paste the copied text into the Custom Parameters section of the Moodle External tool configuration.

  • Save the Moodle activity

The result is a link in Moodle to the Padlet.  

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