CrashPlan Web Restore

To restore backed-up files, you can restore them from the web using the administration console.

Note: Web restore is optimized for single files or small folders only.  The web restore will not work well for files over 1GB.

  1. In a web browser, go to 

  2. Enter your email address click Sign In, and then log in

  3. Authenticate with your credentials after being redirected to the Swarthmore login page

  4. Go to Devices and select Active to list your active devices

  5. Click the relevant device, which will display it:

  6. Click the restore icon.

  7. Select the files or folders to restore by checking the boxes next to the relevant items.

    1. For Windows, your files will be under "C:\ → Users → <your username>". 

    2. For macOS, your files will be under "Users → <your username>".

  8. After selecting the needed files, click Restore

    1. (Optional) Select a calendar date to restore a previous version of files (if the file has previous versions, it will have a small arrow to the left of the file).  Refer to the image below:

    2. (Optional) Select Display deleted files to show files that have been deleted from this computer, Display hidden files to show files that are normally not visible, and/or Full Paths to specify the exact location of the file(s):

  9. In the lower-left, click the Click here to download link to download the zip file containing your selected files 

Most computers will unzip by double-clicking the downloaded file.  

Please contact the Help Desk or put in a ticket at if you need assistance with the process.

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Phone: x4357 (HELP) or 610-328-8513
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