LastPass Families Account for Faculty and Staff

For more information on how to use LastPass - both your Swarthmore account and any linked personal account - please check out our LastPass for faculty and staff page or visit the official LastPass Knowledge Base.

What is the LastPast Families account?

The LastPass Families account is being provided as a benefit to all employees who activate their Swarthmore LastPass account. The Families account provides you with a personal LastPass account that includes family management privileges. Those privileges allow you to add up to five additional members - you will be the manager of the “family,” but each person added will get their own personal LastPass account. No one utilizing the Families account will be able to see anyone else’s personal Vault - only their own. Visit LastPass’s official documentation for more information and answers to frequently asked questions about the LastPass Families account.

How do I claim the Families Account?

You will claim your free Families account through the “Account Benefits” option in your Swarthmore account. For more detailed instructions you can visit LastPass’s official page for claiming your Families account. Claiming your account does not automatically link that account with your Swarthmore one. See below for how to link your accounts.

Linking your personal account to your Swarthmore account allows you to be logged into just your Swarthmore account, but still be able to use and access the saved passwords from your personal account. This does NOT allow Swarthmore to see any saved information from your personal account. You can link your account from the “Account Benefits'' option in your Swarthmore LastPass account. For more detailed instructions you can visit LastPass’s official page for linking your Families account.

Where do I go for help with my Families account?

While this is being provided as a benefit of your Swarthmore LastPass account, it is still a personal account and all assistance will be managed through LastPass, directly. Swarthmore ITS is NOT able to help you with technical issues for personal accounts. You can reach LastPass Help through the LastPass Knowledge Base, or visit the official page for additional ways to contact LastPass customer support.

Can Swarthmore see the passwords in my Families account?

NO. Swarthmore will never be able to see any information saved in your personal account - not even if you link it to your Swarthmore account.

What if I already have a personal LastPass account?

If you already have a free or paid LastPass account, you can still claim the Families account. If you did not previously have a Families account you will be upgraded to one when you claim the benefit. All of your saved passwords will remain available to you, just as they were on your previous personal account. For more information on how claiming this benefit works with an existing account visit the official LastPass page of frequently asked questions for Families accounts.

What happens to my Families account if I leave Swarthmore?

When you leave Swarthmore you will be prompted to enter payment information to continue using your Families account. If you choose not to pay, you and all of the other members on your account will be automatically converted to separate, free accounts. You will not lose any of your saved passwords in this process and can continue using the free version of the account if you wish. Some features may no longer be available to you with the free account version. Visit the official page for more information about what features are available with the free version of LastPass.

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