Self-service administrative portal for active employees and students






mySwarthmore is the College’s self-service administrative portal for active Faculty, Staff, and Students. mySwarthmore is a collection of Ellucian-provided self-service components, home-grown applications, and third-party vendor sites.


Log into mySwarthmore at using your College network credentials; if you are off campus, you must log into the College’s VPN, as an added security measure, to access mySwarthmore.

 A license manager is required to use this service. Users must be on-campus or connected to VPN when off campus.

Role-Based Access

Your mySwarthmore view will reflect your institutional role. For example, students will not see the Employee menu unless they are a student worker.  Likewise, faculty will be presented with different tiles than staff. Additional access exists within those roles so tiles may appear or disappear based on individual user access and time of year. 

The Main menu is accessible to all roles. 

  • General Information

    • Edit Preferred First Name, Personal Pronoun, Gender Identification

    • Edit Emergency Contact(s) - Always make sure you have at least one Emergency Contact listed at all times.

    • To update your Direct Deposit, please contact the Payroll Office

    • View/Update Personal Information

    • View Direct Deposit

  • Athletic Facilities Waiver & PAR-Q 

  • Directory Information 

  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance Form

  • My Documents (Available to active faculty and students only)

  • Request a Parking Permit


The Employee menu is accessible to all employees, including student workers.

  • Employee Dashboard

    • View Leave Balances

    • View Pay Stub

    • View Direct Deposit Information

    • View Deduction History

    • View Tax Information (2022 and prior)

    • Report/Approve Exempt Leave

    • Report/Approve Time for Student Employee

    • Access Salary Planner

    • HR Employees will have additional administrative access (i.e. EPAFs)

  • 2023 W-2 Form, ADP

  • Annual Notices and Disclosures (Available to faculty and staff only)

  • Attendance Enterprise Employee Self-Service (Available to non-exempt staff only)

  • Benefitfocus Employee Login (Available to benefits-eligible employees only)

  • Bright Horizons (Available to benefits-eligible employees only)

  • Change Home Address with HR (Available to faculty and staff only)

  • Crisis Communications Contact Information

  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance Form (Available to faculty and staff only)

  • Leave Lookup for Supervisors (Available to staff supervisors only)

  • Request a Parking Permit (Available to faculty and staff only)

  • Salary Letter (Available to staff only)


The Finance menu is accessible to all Financial Managers

  • Financial Reporting


Students have access to the Main menu, Student menu, e-forms, and Worth Health Center via the navigation at the top of the page. If you are a student employee, you will also see the Employee menu.

Under the Student menu, students have access to:

  • Student Profile

  • Academic Transcript Request

  • Disability Accommodations 

  • Class of 2024 Perspectives Survey (Available to seniors only)

  • Crisis/Confidential Contact Information

  • Abroad Credit Evaluation System (ACES)

  • Degree Audit

  • Diploma and Commencement Name (Available to seniors only)

  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance Form

  • Final Exam Schedule

  • Grades at a Glance

  • Housing Portal

  • Majors and Minors

  • National Student Clearinghouse

  • Placement Results

  • Registration (Available during pre-registration period only)

  • Schedule an Appointment with the Writing Program

  • Shadow Grades

  • Shadow Grade Administration (Available to Registrar)

  • Social Security Number (Available for students missing SSNs only)

  • Student Transfer Credit Evaluation

  • Tax Notifications (1098-T)

  • View/Pay Student Account Bill

Under the e-forms menu, students can access:

*Some forms are only available during designated time periods.

  • Course Add Request Form*

  • Course Add Request Form - CXPL*

  • Credit/No Credit Grading*

  • Incomplete Course Request Form

  • Student Leave/Return Request Form

  • Uncover CR Letter Grade*

Under the Financial Aid menu, students can access:

  • Current Financial Aid Checklist (Available to returning students only)

  • Historical Financial Aid Information

Under the Worth Health Center menu, students can access:

  • Health Insurance Waiver

  • Student Health Portal

Under the New Student Forms menu, from May through August incoming and first year transfer students can access:

  • Advising Questionnaire

  • Disability Accommodations

  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance

  • Health Insurance Waiver

  • Housing Portal

  • Parent Information

  • Personal Information

  • Student Health Portal

  • Summer Social Justice Institute

  • Upload your photo

  • Worth Health Information Letter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Inaccurate Information?

Browser Incompatibility?

  • mySwarthmore should be supported on all current versions of the following browsers:

    • Google Chrome

    • Mozilla Firefox

    • Apple Safari

    • Microsoft Edge

  • If your browser is not displaying mySwarthmore properly, please try a different browser on your device

How do I view my Direct Deposit Information?

  • Under the Main Menu, click General Information.

How do I update my Personal Pronoun and Gender Identification?

  • Under the Main Menu, click General Information → Personal Information.

How do I change my Google Display Name?

  • Click the Directory Information tile on the Main Menu.​​​​​​

How do I change my address?

  • If you are a student and need your address changed in mySwarthmore, please contact the Registrar's office at

  • Faculty and staff members can make the change directly in mySwarthmore by clicking on Change Home Address with HR under the Employee Menu.​​​​​

    • To update your address, log into mySwarthmore using your network credentials, then take the following steps:

      1. Select the link for Employee Menu.

      2. Select the link for Change Home Address with HR, which may be toward the bottom of the page.

        • Your current address will display in the top section of the page, along with the date it will take effect (the first date not already paid).

      3. Enter your new address in the lower section, then click the small box below to certify that your information is correct.

        • Pennsylvania residents will be required to select your county, municipality and school district codes from the drop-down lists provided.

      4. Click the blue Verify Address Button and verify your new address is listed correctly in the pop-up window. If it is correct, check Address is Correct, Skip Verification, then click Submit.

        • If corrections are needed, close the Address Verification window and make any necessary corrections in the address field.

Where Can I Find My Leave Balance and Details?

You can see your Vacation, Sick, and Administrative leave balances on the Employee Dashboard. For non-exempt staff members, both Accrued and Taken time are updated with each bi-weekly pay. For exempt staff members, Accrued amounts are updated with each mid-monthly pay, but Taken amounts are updated when a Leave Report you submit that includes time off is approved.

Both exempt and non-exempt staff members can see a record of their Taken time in Leave Details, accessible from the Employee Dashboard by clicking Full Leave Balance Information and selecting either Vacation, Sick, or Administrative Leave time. Each link will take you to a details page for that type of leave time. On those detail pages:

  • Non-exempt staff will see their Taken time in the Earned and Taken section, only. 

  • Exempt staff will see their Taken time in the Report Usage section, only.

All staff members will see their Accrued time in the Earned and Taken section in Leave Details.


If you have any technical issues with mySwarthmore please submit a ticket via the ITS Support Portal at or directly with AIS at If you have any issues with content on mySwarthmore, please see the FAQs for the appropriate contact.

Ways you can contact ITS or find information:

ITS Support Portal:
Phone: x4357 (HELP) or 610-328-8513
Check out our remote resources at
Check our homepage at