Dub Rack

The dub rack is a set of self-service equipment for converting analog media (VHS and audio tapes) to digital formats (DVDs and computer files). We recommend converting directly to .mp3 audio files and .mp4 video files, and storing your media on Google Drive. Bring your own laptop to use the dub rack for media conversion.

Can I convert my VHS tape to DVD?

Rather than converting physical media, consider digitizing your tape or DVD directly to your computer. Whether recording to your computer or dubbing a tape to DVD, you should be aware that the equipment is very old and should be used at your own risk. While unlikely, it is possible that the outdated equipment could destroy a tape. The dub rack is self-service -- Media Center staff will be happy to give you an orientation.

What about creating an audio file from my Cassettes?

Yes, you can create an audio file from your cassette material directly on your computer. Please bring your own Mac laptop.

Are there instructions?

Yes, there are two white binders with instructions and guides on how to use the Dub Rack equipment.  They should be next to the rack.

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