Epson SureColor P9000 Large Format Printer

How do I change the paper?

Please see the quick reference guide here, or ask Jeremy ( for help. 

Why does the printer say “black ink mismatch?”

The printer uses two types of black ink, one for photo paper and the other for matte paper. When you change the paper type you will also need to change the ink type accordingly. You can do this by pushing the button labeled “Black” on the printer control panel.

How do I replace an ink cartridge?

We have new cartridges in the beige filing cabinet in the printer room.  You first need to get the replacement ink from the cabinet, then open the left or right ink cartridge door by pressing the button to the lower left of the arrow controls on the printer interface (select the correct side by noting where the ink is out in the display first.  If you're unsure, open both doors and match the replacement ink to the one you need to remove).  Push the old ink cartridge in slightly to release it and then pull it out.  Shake the new cartridge, then slide it into the slot from which you removed the old one.  Throw out the old ink cartridge.

What about the Waste Cartridge?

There are two waste cartridges which this printer uses to capture ink during cleaning cycles.  For some reason, only the cartridge on the right side is ever used, but the printer does register the status of the cartridges on both sides.  It will work just fine with the left side cartridge full, so long as the right side has room.  If needed, and we don't have a replacement available, swap the right and left cartridges to allow the printer to keep working.

What can I print on the large format printer?

You may print a single copy of something for academic use, that means no wall decor, personal posters, posters for social events etc. 

Can I pay you to print out a poster, or can you charge my department for printer use? How much?

There is no charge for printing in the Media Center, however there are conditions for using either of our printers. Is the project you wish to print for academic use? If so, we’re happy to help. Multiple copies are not allowed in the Media Center.  Print Services can help with non-academic flyers and posters (event advertisements, decor, personal projects). There is a charge.

How do I print from InDesign? Acrobat? Power Point?

Please refer to the instruction sheets in the wall rack.

Do you have a paper cutter?

Yes, it’s usually stored under the TV in the main room. Note that the blade for the big cutter must be on the outside of the metal edge... there is no "channel"  - if you find it positioned between the cutting edge and the black surface, using it like that will damage the blade.  Please let one of our staff know so we can fix it.

The big Epson printer has it’s own cutter for the sheets it prints.

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